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Our philosophy

We gather inspiration, we seek beauty, we cultivate joy.

Our signature style

There is so much extraordinary beauty in flowers, and we seek this out to bring you breathtaking designs that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Depending on the season, that may be fragrant lilac and sweetpeas, or the velvety blooms of autumn roses and dahlias. We are very particular about our colour palettes, which have a soft, harmonious tone that is always sophisticated and utterly romantic. Our flowers whisper, they never shout.



Ode to Joy designs are known for their flowing structure and abundant use of flowers. We don’t bind our flowers in tight, restrictive bundles, and we don’t use foliage to fill them out. We prefer to let them breathe, which brings a natural elegance and expression to our designs.


A sustainable ethos..

We take a conscious approach, sourcing seasonal flowers from local growers, creating foam free designs wherever possible, and reducing single use plastics within our business.


MEET Yana,
The Creative Director

It is perhaps unsurprising that Yana’s first love is flowers. She grew up surrounded by nature, and spent many happy hours playing outdoors, observing the seasons and collecting flowers, foliage and other organic treasures in the forests and fields around her home.


Now an established floral designer with over ten years’ experience, she has recently relocated to Stamford, England, to begin a new chapter. With a passion for nature and history, she is making the most of everything on offer in this part of the world.





Yana enjoys long walks and picnics with her three young children and two energetic dogs. She loves to travel, in particular around the cultural cities of Old World Europe, or skiing in the mountains. On a rare day off, you might find her scouting for treasures in an antique market, or winding down with Pilates.

MEET Alex,
The Studio Manager

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